The David lab celebrates another awesome holiday party...The right way to welcome Rasmus as our new postdoc!

Make your own super hero!

L-->R: Lauren, Akhil, Jake, Nick, Thomas, Devin, Albert, Yael, Rasmus, Qingfei, Wola.

Late to the party: Igor the super conductor

Yael is featured on Rockefeller University's "Scientists of NY"

The lab's new memes

Yael presented at the Abcam meeting in Taiwan...

And brought interesting candy to the lab!

The David lab celebrates 3 years!

Amazing job everyone!

The David lab at the Chemical Biology Symposium:

The TPCB students Nick and Jordan did a fantastic job organizing!

Congratulations to all the presenters and Wola and Igor for winning best poster award!

Summer BBQs

A lab BBQ at bosslady's house

"Junior Faculty" BBQ at Roosevelt Island

Happy Birthday to our favorite Lab Hype Man!

Cheers Jake!

Introducing: Captain Green

Thanks Nick for taking charge of making sure our lab is working hard to do our part to make science more sustainable!

Welcome David, SCORE summer program student!

Already killing it at the white board

Yael receives the Pershing Square Sohn Cancer Research Alliance award

Thank's for a wonderful rotation Chiara!

Pharmacology student Chiara presenting her work from her rotation, with cake of course!

The David lab is at the 2019 WCMC Pharmacology retreat!

David Lab goes Laser tagging!

...And Bay 1 wins by a long shot...

March 2019

Yael is featured in MSK News as a "Power Player"