Lab holiday party 2020

Yes, of course, virtual party, but with a take-home dinners and drinks, secret santa and zoom backgrond competition (congratulations Akhil!), it was a pretty good one!

Lab BBQ 2020

We didn't think it would happen, but we got together in a socially distant manner to celebrate the David lab - new people, successes, achievements!...

Watch and listen to Yael as she discusses the lab's research projects in last month's MSKCC Science Spotlight and check her out on the Finding Genius Podcast as she discusses how epigenetics changes gene functions!

Fresh off the press positive Faculty Opinion of Igor and Qingfei's recent JACS paper by esteemed NYU professor, Dr. Paramjit Arora!

"Significantly, the authors show that ribose glycation both alters the epigenetic landscape and that 5-AR can be used to identify nuclear targets of glycation"

Congratulations Qingfei, Igor and Akhil for the Protein & Cell cover for their review!

Wola speaks at the NYAS chemical biology meeting

Great job, Wola!

David lab zooms during COVID-19

Check out the funky backgrounds!

2020 is off to a great start: our work is featured as one of MSKCC's 10 scientific breakthroughs of 2019!